Pilot says there are hidden windows on passenger planes that can be opened

There are plenty of flight secrets to discover on the passenger planes we take to go on holiday.

Whether that’s the most unhygienic areas of the plane or the hidden room filled with lie down beds that flight attendants sleep in on a long haul flight.

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Crew Rest Compartments are a staple on large aircraft, yet most customers won't know about them as they're strictly off limits and hidden from view.

But, it seems that there’s another cheeky detail that staff rarely tell passengers about.

Some windows on airline planes do actually open…

While the windows in the cabin are all firmly sealed closed and not able to be opened those on the flight deck have the ability to be flung open.

Emirates pilot Christian Baker told the Sun: “The only windows that open on the aircraft are in the flight deck. We open them to benefit from some fresh air while on ground as there is no air-conditioning available pre-flight.

"We can open them to get the attention of ground staff if they are not connected to the headset."

The windows can also be used to flee the cockpit if there’s an emergency.

But, don’t worry, the crew in the flight deck wouldn’t simply open the windows mid-flight.

Opening them during a flight is generally not possible.

This is because while the aircraft is pressurised the force of the pressure would hold them closed.

It’s only after depressurisation on the ground that the crew can open the windows.

Despite this, there was one incident when the windows have not stayed closed during flight.

In 1990, British Airways flight 5390 saw the windscreen separate from the plane sucking Captain Tim Lancaster out of the plane.

Thankfully, his legs caught on the flight control and crew ran in to hold onto him.

After an emergency landing, the flight touched down safely and, miraculously, Captain Lancaster made a full recovery despite being on the outside of the plane for 20 minutes.

Terrifying stuff!

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