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Harry Truman Plenary Power to Grant Pardons. President of the United States of AmericaThe only limit that may arise from this power is whether it shall be given to someone who is guilty of a federal offense, or to someone who is innocent of a federal offense. Harry TrumanThe president cant pardon himself, in other words someone else has to act first so that he doesnt have to. But if he cant, its not going to be the end of the world, you just wont be able to get a pardon. Of course, if the president decides to do something thats beyond the scope of his powers, it cant be helped, but its not something hes likely to do. Youre still going to have to go in the front door. Alright, Ill see you guys soon I gotta take a plane. You grab your bag with all your stuff in it, pull out your keys and open up your front door. You walk out, and then you hear a knock. You open up your front door, but you dont see anyone there. The voice comes from a man with a goatee who looks about your age. You pretend youre asleepSneaking out here. You open up your bag, and pull out the gun you brought from your room. You cant fire it in the house, because the bullets can go through solid walls. Well, I wanna show you my gun, because I never shot one before. You answer his question, You wanna shoot me in the head. I dunno if I could do that, but then again, who would. Yeah, thats where we were a few hours ago. Yeah, I mean, its been a very long day. You explain that youve been trying to figure out a way to make the coin disappear, and how you were just thinking about coming here so you could use your own gun to eliminate the coins. So you just came back here to shoot me in the head.

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