Price hike: Holidays 305 percent more expensive during big events – where to avoid

London Marathon: 2020 race changed to elite-athlete only event

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Events up and down the country are impacting the price of accommodations. As it’s been reported the London Marathon has increased the prices of Airbnbs by almost 10 percent, what other events should Britons keep an eye on?

When it comes to holiday prices, Britons after the best bargain should keep away from big events.

While most Britons know that Christmas, New Year Eve or the Queen’s Birthday will drive prices up, they may not be aware of some other events that can seriously impact the prices of their holidays.

This year, reported a hike of almost 10 percent due to the London Marathon, which will take place this October.

But the increase, while considerable, pales in comparison to the event which impacted accommodation prices the most this year.

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Cowes Week, on the Isle of Wight, increased Airbnb prices by 305 percent.

One of the oldest sailing regattas in the world, the prices on the island were hiked significantly for the event.

This dwarfed the 2021 Open Championship at 144 percent and TRNSMT Festival in Glasgow with saw prices jump 105 percent.

Incredibly, the Euro Final only increased prices by 104 percent.

Apart from sporting events and festivals, Britons should keep an eye out on some major events on the UK calendar that could make a big impact on their holidaying budgets.

Looking towards the end of the year, Britons who wish to visit London may wish to avoid the London Marathon.

Similarly, the Cardiff Half Marathon takes place on October 3 and could impact the prices of accommodations in the city.

October may be a month best avoided in both Cardiff and London, with the Iris Prize Festival taking place in the former and the BFI London Film Festival in the latter.

Elsewhere, Cheltenham has a Literature Festival coming to town in October.

In November, Britons may wish to avoid travelling on Bonfire Night.

Events all over the country are sure to push prices up due to increased demand.

London Jazz Festival, Lumiere Festival in Durham, Leeds International Film Festival and Kendal Mountain Festival all take place in November.

The world’s biggest mountain festival in Kendal is sure to bring many tourists to Cumbria, an already popular spot for a holiday all times of year.

St Andrew’s Day is at the end of November all over Scotland, so Britons who wish to visit anywhere in the country may wish to book well in advance.

December is a busy month all over the country and with Christmas lights, Christmas shopping and the end of year celebrations planning, prices always tend to go up.

Britons who wish to travel should not despair, as it’s still possible to grab bargains even when big events are coming to town.

Booking well in advance should help keep costs down, and so is being flexible with locations and dates.


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