Ralph Fiennes portrays Voldemort from Goblet of Fire to Deathly Hallows Part …

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You go with himYoure not taking the job. Ill tell you what, go back to the movies and get another role. You cant just give me my old part away. I made a vow not to act for the rest of my life, I meant it. If I became an Actor, I would never again have sex. You can continue to deny the nature of your. Profession if you wish, but I know that you have a. You really are quite a character, you know. I can tell youve had a few girls on the side. But thats not why Im doing this. You just wanted to act, to be famous and to have a woman in your life. But now all your dreams have been crushed. You cant have a family of your own, not with all your guilt. This must have only happened to the most deeply in denial of your own soul. I pity the man whos incapable of feeling the pain of having a family that hes never even known. You have done this to yourself, and youll only regret it. Its a pity its too late for you, Fiennes, but youll always be remembered for your career. Now thats the kind of speech I like, Harry. Im the one who can make amends to you. I cant stand up to my dark side. Im a loser for having let it into my heart to hate something so good. I can just imagine you enjoying all those hot sexy ladies you had, Fiennes. Now maybe you can go back to the movies and get a little more action with your scenes. You leave Fiennes in the middle of the street and head back.

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