Randy guests ‘show up in thongs’ for £899 plane rental to join Mile High Club

A steamy airline that lets you rent a plane for 45 minutes has claimed guests can board in thongs and lingerie – so long as they turn up on time.

Most of us know about the Mile High Club – a designation you can be a part of if you have sex on a plane.

But, while many people tell stories of their cheeky antics in the loos flight attendants will do their best to stop passengers getting it on.

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And, in UK law it’s actually illegal to do the deed in a lavatory that is open to the public – such as on a plane.

But, Love Cloud Vegas provides rentable plane journeys around Sin City equipped with a bed so you can have sex on board without worrying about getting caught.

Couples can hire a Love Cloud jet for $995 (£899) and get down and dirty in the specially installed bed while earplug-wearing pilot Anthony Blake, 51, cruises through the sky.

And, in a recent video on Instagram, the company claims you don’t have to dress for a high-class affair.

Posting a series of clips, Love Cloud showed off a cheeky passenger boarding her flight in a black bra and sheer black thong.

Another photo showed the sun set followed by the passenger pulling up her underwear before boarding.

They said: “Always a fun & spicy date night, you can show up formal or you can show up in your thong. Just as long as you show up!!!”

The “romantic airline” lets lovers pay up to $1,495 (£1351) for an hour and a half – and seatbelts can be taken off two minutes into the flight.

Pilot Blake explained that there are all kinds of people who try out the sex plane from older couples to newlyweds and even swingers.

He even flew two passengers “who had caught their spouses cheating — with each other,” they then signed their divorce papers and met in Vegas without knowing each other.

Blake said: “Upon arrival, the man was air-hugging her and they did not seem close.

“After the flight, I photographed them with their tongues down each other’s throat.

“He took out her breast and they both flipped the bird. Then they sent the photos to their exes.”

The interior of the small plane has luxurious leather seating, plenty of pillows, a bed and sexy red bedding.

You can gaze out of the windows at the city below… if you can tear your eyes away from your companion.

And, guests can customise the experience with champagne, chocolate strawberries and even multiple people.

Each plane can handle 900lbs of weight – so you can fit two, three or even more on board.

Once you land you’ll get a Mile High Club certificate to prove you’ve joined the club!


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