Remote working Brits are jetting off on holiday to work from beside the pool

If you’re desperate for an extended stay somewhere in the sunshine you might be looking at your annual leave allowance in misery.

But, it turns out that if you work from home some days you may be able to jet off to warmer climes using just a few days of annual leave.

On the Beach told the Sun that customers have been using remote working days to stretch their holidays into 12 night stays.

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The holiday company stated that it has seen a 44% increase in customers booking 12-night breaks flying out on Thursdays and returning on a Tuesday morning.

It seems that workers who are in the office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are booking those days off and working from home… from the beach.

Zoe Harris, Chief Customer Officer at On the Beach, said: “We're seeing more people than ever using their Working from Home flexibility to Work from Holiday.

"With a number of hotels having business facilities and superfast free wifi, we're expecting to see more people enjoy longer breaks where they can do a mix of working and holidaying.”

“Digital nomads” – those who work online from anywhere in the world – have long been envied by normal Brits, but the increase of remote work since the pandemic has seen the opportunity open up for more people.

And, if you choose to fly on weekdays then you could even save money on your flights as they’re cheaper than the weekend.

If you do decide to jet off for a working holiday remember to check your contract as you may need to inform your employer about the situation. or get permission.

You should also check that doing so doesn't affect your tax payments in the UK and make sure you don't need to pay the country you're holidaying in for working there.


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