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Mp3,Vhiding in the back rooms of some of those prude radio. Youll know the podcast is ready when in the podcast player, after you press play, you will get a message from us saying you dont need a loginpassword to listen to the podcast. We want you to keep coming back here for our latest episodes, not just this week, but for as long as you like. We would like your reviews too, so please rate our podcast on iTunes. When you do so, youll be automatically entered into our prize draw. Please include your name, your email address and your mobile number. Well pick one person on a weekly basis and give them any four Ben Shapiro Show tins of premium Ben Shapiro Show cereal. We hope that youll take up our offer to help us help you. The prize draw closes on Friday 3rd October. We will announce the winner the following week, but we want you to get in early. There are only four tins available, so dont wait. Ben Shapiro: Welcome to the Ben Shapiro Show. Todays show is going to be a very special one. Tonight we are going to show you how easy it is to do exactly what Barack Obama promised you could not do: Were going to give away more free stuff to you as a reward for telling all your friends and family that we should cut social welfare spending. Were going to give you a Ben Shapiro Show ticket for free, and were going to give you a special, limited edition promo code to get the shows entire first season for no charge. All you have to do is tell everyone that everyone you know, that you might not be able to tell them why, but everyone that you do tell you to tell them is going to lose their free stuff and you would be happy to tell everyone that the government is wasting more money than it should on programs that dont even work. You already know what to say, you just have to say it. Is this just another case of the government overspending when it should be cutting its spending. Sound off in the comments section below, and lets see if the government is wasting so much money that its going to be able to keep what youre giving away COMMERCIAL BREAK, BECKY QUICK, CNN.

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