Rich Holiday Poor Holiday families left ‘speechless’ as viewers call for ‘reality check’

Rich Holiday Poor Holiday: Family enjoy day at waterpark

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This week’s ‘poor’ family were The Newmans, single mum Nadine, her mum Tina, and Nadine’s two daughters. They swapped holidays with wealthy self made millionaire couple, the Watermans, and their two sons.

Nadine told viewers: “Money is quite tight. We try to save as much money as we can for the kids. As long as the children are happy, then we’re happy.”

A normal holiday for the cash strapped family would be to go to a caravan in the UK where they “take our own bedding.”

Nadine said: “I take what we’ve got in the cupboard. We don’t really go to posh places.”

The Watermans on the other hand were used to “insanely expensive holidays” where flights alone could cost £20,000.

The family’s sons Marco and Luca, aged 11 and 13, said: “Our parents have a lot of money.”

They shared that their favourite holiday destination was Cancun in Mexico where they stayed in the ‘presidential suite’.

The extravagant family spend up to £80,000 per year on luxury holidays abroad to lavish destinations including Dubai.

For the holiday swap, the Newmans were treated to an all-inclusive break in a luxury treehouse in Saxony in Germany.

The Watermans were shocked to be told they were going to stay in a caravan in Cromer in Norfolk.

The wealthy family were horrified to discover their weekly budget would be just £100 and that they would have to cook for themselves, saying: “Our dog kennel is bigger than that caravan.”

As mum Gail set off shopping for dinner she found herself in trouble with the week’s tight budget, saying: “I’ve never really had to do that for 20 odd years. That’s two meals so far bought and we’ve used about 10 percent of the budget.”

The family struggled without their usual room service and expensive activities. After spending more than half the holiday budget on a seal watching boat trip at Blakeney, the family were disappointed to only spot three seals.

The boys said: “We don’t normally have to worry about spending money on trips.”

Over in Germany, the Newman family were having a fantastic time with an exclusive petting zoo tour and a luxury spa trip.

Nadine said: “ I’m speechless. I think the children are going to have such a lovely time”. Although she had a limitless budget for the Saxony trip, Nadine was still horrified to see how much a day at a fancy rainforest themed waterpark cost the family.

The day’s trip was 326 euros (£272) which is more than Nadine would normally budget for a week’s break.

While the Newmans loved their German treehouse break, one social user was less impressed, saying: “They’re used to Mexico and Dubai so we’ll send them to a forest in Germany?”

Meanwhile the ‘Rogue Paladin’ said: “Nothing more satisfying than seeing people who struggle be treated and little spoilt s* get a reality check.”

On a rainy day in Cromer, Dad Mark said: “It’s raining and we are really struggling. I had to go for a walk in the rain to calm myself down.”

However, the family cheered up with an art afternoon at the caravan and a crabbing trip which cost the millionaires just £5.

Mark said: “We’ve been here for about two and a half hours, spent £5 and the kids haven’t complained once.”

The Newmans spent their final day at the luxurious woodland spa and Nadine felt the trip had taught her the importance of making time to relax, although she was horrified to see the £7,260 bill for the week’s holiday.

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