‘Ripping the public off’ – Staycation prices soar- £2,000 for a week in a caravan

Farmer slams UK staycations for 'taking the biscuit'

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In response to the increasing demand, staycation prices have soared and many people feel ripped off. The cost of a staycation is often far more expensive than a European package holiday.

British holidaymakers have raged at the prices of staycations as costs soar above the price of a holiday abroad.

One Twitter user, DJ Tin Tin, tweeted: “I am not the slightest bit interested in a staycation, a lot of these businesses are ripping the public off.

“£2,000 for a week in a caravan! Get us abroad.” They said they would especially like to go to the USA.

Caravan parks in the UK have seen a boom in demand, in what some holiday parks have called their busiest year on record.

There has also been rising demand for motorhomes as people looked to explore after lockdown.

Another Twitter user, Lucy Dimbylow, said: “A week’s staycation cost us as much as our usual two-week European holiday.

“It’s a bl***y big luxury at the moment and totally unattainable for many.”

Holiday providers in the UK have been blamed for inflated prices that have left many families unable to afford a staycation.

Many British tourists have compared the price they’ve been quoted for the UK with the price of a holiday abroad.

Twitter user, Daz Speck, said: “It’s crazy that I can book a seven nights stay in a 5* hotel in Latvia for the same price as a one night stay in a 2* in Manchester.

“I think they price themselves out of the market.”

While holidays abroad may be cheaper, many Britons have decided not to travel internationally this year as travel restrictions have changed suddenly with little warning.

People have also questioned why prices are so high when wages in the staycation industry are often low.

Tweeter Joseph Healy tweeted: “Discussion today with someone about to go abroad for a holiday and that cost far lower than equivalent here.

“Why is U.K tourism so expensive considering wages are so low? Wanted a week here in September but couldn’t believe prices.”

Although they tweeted that they finally found a cheap spot, many staycationers haven’t been so lucky.

Those who have been able to afford a holiday in the UK have often had to stay on the outskirts of popular destinations such as the Lake District.

Mick Howard tweeted: “The price of staycations are a rip off at the minute man. My next trip out will be to the Lake District, but on the outskirts.

“The best hotels are either all booked up or they are asking for silly money and an eyeball.”

As staycations are already booking up for 2022, it’s expected that prices are likely to stay high for a while.

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