Russia sells ‘flight experiences’ without take off

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Anapa Airport, in Russia, is selling a package called ‘I Wanna Fly’ to eager passengers. However, they will never actually take off, instead experiencing check-in and security without the flight.

Following the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency suspended all flights from Anapa.

The airport is close to the border between Russia and Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula which has been occupied since 2014.

The ‘I Wanna Fly’ tour costs 1,500 Russian rubles (£21.17) and involves a fake check-in and security.

Customers will also be offered the chance to wait at the gate and board a plane which then won’t take off.

They can also visit the cockpit and will be served an in-flight meal during the flight experience, according to Russian outlet The Insider.

The plane will also go through a water salute, which involves it going under jets of water from fire trucks.

The package is thought to be similar to the ‘flights to nowhere’ that were offered during the pandemic.

Singapore Airlines had intended to launch three hour scenic flights from Changi Airport for passengers.

After backlash from environmental campaigners, the airline changed the experience to offer inflight meals on a plane rather than a flight.

Customers could also order inflight meals to enjoy at home or take a backstage tour of the airline’s training facilities.

Russians have faced restrictions on flying since the invasion as many countries closed their airspace to Russian planes.

Finland and the Czech Republic are among the countries that have introduced tight rules for Russian tourists.

Finland said it would “severely restrict” the travel of Russians to Finland for tourism purposes from September 30.

Tourist visas for Russians are suspended in Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and Slovakia.

On February 25 2022, the UK banned any aircraft owned, chartered or operated by someone from Russia from landing in the UK.

At the time, the then Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, tweeted: “I’ve signed restrictions prohibiting all scheduled Russian airlines from entering UK airspace or touching down on British soil.

“Putin’s heinous actions will not be ignored, and we will never tolerate those who put people’s lives in danger.”

The Russian national carrier, Aeroflot, has not been permitted to operate flights to the UK since then.

British airlines are also banned from landing at Russian airports or from crossing its airspace.

Russian airlines are banned from most European airspace making it difficult for Russians to travel abroad.

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