Ryanair flight attendant shares secret ‘technique’ they use to make you buy more

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The former Ryanair flight attendant, who wished to remain anonymous, said “Ryanair crew need to sell a lot on board and there is a lot of pressure” on them.

He explained “in Ryanair, every single thing on the plane is there for a reason and everything has a marketing purpose”.

The former crew member claimed “they play a lot with psychology” starting with the company’s colours: blue and yellow.

The flight attendant explained they chose those colours for a specific reason: “Blue is supposed to be a calming colour, and yellow, according to experts, is the one that makes you hungry and makes you want to buy food.

“That’s why they chose yellow for the aircraft interior. Basically, they want people to be relaxed and hungry.”

He claimed all these things are explained to the crew during the training.

“A huge part of Ryanair’s training has to do with sales and marketing and they explained all of these tricks to us,” he said.

The former flight attendant also unveiled why the carrier makes so many announcements over the intercom during the flight, as opposed to other airlines that try to reduce the public announcements to the minimum to avoid disrupting the passengers’ rest.

He explained: “Apparently, the human perceives 70 percent of information around them through the visual perception and 30 is auditory perception.

“That’s why we constantly make announcements in Ryanair.

“In the same way, that’s why the cover of Ryanair’s magazine is always a picture of food.”

Some of the “techniques” flight attendants use to make passengers buy more include “always making eye contact”.

“The flight attendants always have to give passengers the menus before taking off.

“During the training, they told us that it is very important when handing the menus to make eye contact because it is a way to push people and it’s more likely they will grab one [menu] if you’re directly looking at them.

“When we go through the cabin collecting the rubbish, if someone gives you an empty beer, for example, you would make eye contact, and ask ‘Do you want another one?’ or ‘Should I bring you another one?’ and this is something that used to work really well.

“Most people would say ‘ Yeah why not?’,” he explained.

Another trick involves the cabin manager “walking up and down the cabin” holding an item available for sale, such as Pringles or a KitKat.

The flight attendant revealed: “This is another technique to make people buy more as they have seen the product, and when you go through with the service trolley, more passengers would order Pringles or KitKats.

“Also, on top of the trolley we always place KitKats, M&Ms etc in the empty coffee cups so everybody can see and it’s more likely they will buy, while other airlines usually keep the snacks in the trolley drawers.”

Express.co.uk has contacted Ryanair for comment.

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