Ryanair passengers stranded after discovering the seats they booked didn’t exist

Ryanair passengers were left fuming after they boarded a plane and discovered the seats they had booked didn't exist.

Gerry Harrington, 62, was one of the passengers booked onto row 35 on the flight that was due to take off from Stansted Airport to Dublin on October 21.

However, a video he shared on Facebook showed him and around eight other passengers who were left stuck at the back of the plane after realising they had paid for nonexistent seats, as the rows ended at 33.

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The footage, which shows a staff member in a hi-vis vest trying to resolve the issue, was captioned: "They sent a plane too small to take all the passengers."

At one point, Harrington turned the camera on himself and said: "Everyone here has paid for seats, paid for seats, paid for seats.

"We're stuck at the back of the plane as they have overbooked…no they've sent a smaller plane."

The group were unable to remain on the flight, with the passengers offered £250 each and a place to sleep for the night until the next available flight the next morning.

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However, Harrington explained in the comments on social media that he had requested a full refund as the disruption had messed up his plans.

He said: "There was no point in travelling the next day as we'd have missed the tournament we were playing in. So, a complete refund and compensation due.

"Will now wait the statutory 21 days and then if they are being difficult go down the county court avenue if need be."

A Ryanair spokesperson has said: ‘Due to an aircraft change, a very small number of passengers on this flight from London Stansted to Dublin (21 October) were moved to alternative flights the following day.

‘Affected passengers were provided with overnight accommodation and will receive compensation. Ryanair sincerely apologises to these passengers for any inconvenience caused.’


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