Simon Calder warns tourists over card payments abroad

Simon Calder says 'Always pay in local currency when using cards abroad'

Travel expert Simon Calder joined Lorraine on ITV to share his top tips for British tourists heading abroad.

He said: “Get a credit card because so much of the world has moved over to plastic since the pandemic.”

Although this varies around the world, many countries are now primarily taking card payments.

It’s a good idea to have a currency card to ensure Britons aren’t wasting money on transactions.

However, British tourists could be caught out and end up losing pounds if they forget to pay in local currency.

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Simon warned: “Just remember dynamic card currency conversion. Don’t do it. The waiter sidles up to you and says ‘Oh Lorraine, would you like to pay in pounds rather than in euros?’

“Never pay in pounds, if you pay in pounds you will pay more pounds. Just remember that. Always local currency.”

When tourists are withdrawing money from an ATM or buying something in a shop or a restaurant, they may be asked whether they want to pay in pounds or local currency.

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British tourists should always opt to pay in local currency as they could end up paying hefty conversion fees if not.

Tourists should also never change money at the airport, according to Simon, as the rates will be much worse than elsewhere.

Britons who need to take cash on holiday are better of changing it ahead of time for better rates.

He added that Britons going to Turkey should wait to change their pounds to lira once they’re in the country.

Simon said Britons are likely to get a much better rate in Turkey than by changing money in the UK.

The travel expert also warned Britons to check if their passport is valid for their destination as rules can vary.

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