Sisters bag £25 flight for Dublin night out and return to airport drunk at 6am

Cheap flights can be a great way to save money on a holiday. One of our reporters recently bagged a flight to Porto for just £12 – and ended up at the world’s most beautiful McDonald’s.

But, some travellers have taken advantage of low-cost flights in an extreme way. Three sisters recently bagged a return flight to Dublin for just £25.

The trio didn’t even have to spend money on a hotel room as they chose to go out and party before turning to the airport for 6am. Brogan Moore, 24, and her two sisters Amelia and Isabel, 19, flew to Ireland for a night out.

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They spent just one night in the city flying out from Leeds Bradford airport at 1.25pm wearing their clubbing gear. They then dashed from Dublin airport to the clubs before returning first thing in the morning as the sun rose.

The flights cost them a similar price to a late night taxi which Brits often spend to get home from their local city or town. The sisters say they’d do the same thing again for the chance to party in another country.

Having saved money on a hostel or hotel, the trio were able to blow £150 each on drinks and club entry. So they definitely had a night to remember (or not remember).

Brogan said: “It was so worth it. I’d give the night out an easy nine out of ten and it’s definitely something we’ll do again.

“We left our house at half six in the evening and arrived in the centre of Dublin at 10:30 – it was a very heavy night. Over the course of the night, we all easily spent over £150.

“Our airport breakfast was very needed but very expensive at £50 for three meals. It was quite funny telling everyone we had to be back at the airport for 4:00 am until we got in the taxi back.

“We spent a large part of the journey home not speaking as we were all trying not to be sick. To our surprise, we had no trouble getting back on the plane home and got back in bed at about 8:00 am, which completely wrote off that day.”

She added: "I had no idea the video would blow up like that, so many people have been tagging their mates to do the same, so we've definitely inspired a few people."

While jetting off for a night out is do-able, it’s important to remember that if you are too drunk you may be denied boarding to your flight. Cabin crew have the right to leave you at the airport if you are inebriated.

So make sure you drink plenty of water and sober up before you fly. It’s not the first time a Brit has caught a cheap plane for a few hours of fun.

Callum Ryan headed off to the Spanish island of Ibiza and swigged a pint, all as part of a TikTok challenge. Callum found a last minute flight for just £10 from London and landed on the island for less than the cost of many UK train tickets.

He spent just £15 on his ticket to the party island plus a refreshing flight. He then spent the day enjoying the sunshine before heading home.


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