Southwest passenger screams at crew after hearing baby cry for ’45 minutes’

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    A holidaymaker has gone viral after his explosive outburst on a US airline was filmed and posted on TikTok..

    The man raged loudly, shouting at flight attendants because a baby on the plane had been crying for "45 minutes".

    The outraged bloke was screaming across the plane demanding that the child’s parents make the infant "shut up", reports the Mirror.

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    While most of us know that it’s not pleasant to hear a screaming baby on a flight there’s often very little mums and dads can do.

    Children often struggle on planes where their surroundings are unfamiliar, uncomfortable and their ears are popping from pressure.

    So it’s best to try and be patient until you land if there’s a small child sounding their discomfort.

    However, the man based on a Southwest Airlines flight seemed to be enraged by the sounds.

    In a TikTok video, uploaded by @bad_ideas_galore, the man is heard screaming: "There is a child crying on the flight, non-f***ing-stop.

    "Calm the child down, please. I'm not screaming. Do you want me to scream? I'll f***ing scream.

    "We are in a f***ing tin can with a baby in a g*****n echo chamber and you wanna talk to me about being f***ing OK?"

    Flight attendants and workers can be seen trying to make the man calm down.

    One such worker explained how the man’s shouting and aggression wasn’t helping to keep the child calm.

    He said: "Okay, because you're yelling…", but the passenger cut him off.

    The irate man shouted: "So is the baby! Did that motherf***er pay extra to yell? F**k you and shut up."

    When other workers tried to make the man relax it only got worse as the man screamed in anger.

    Eventually, the flight landed in Orlando Airport and the bloke could be seen arguing with police.

    He apparently claimed he had a right to yell because the baby was yelling.

    A Southwest Airlines spokesperson said: "We do not have details on this flight to share but commend our flight crew for their professionalism and offer our apologies to the other customers onboard."

    Opinions on the situation were split – some thought the man was hilarious while others said he was unreasonable.

    One person wrote: "I am howling. This man deserves a medal for speaking up. That’s exactly how I feel when a baby won’t stop crying on a plane."

    While another said: "I 1000 per cent agree with this man (admittedly, without knowing all of the details). I don’t know if I could handle a crying baby for 45 mins on a plane."

    While a woman added: "I get the frustration, but I’ve been this mum.

    "What the angry people didn’t know was I was flying to Kentucky to pick up my dad's ashes. I feel for this mum!"

    Over on Reddit, a commenter said; "That poor baby had to listen to his big fat foul mouth!"

    While another wrote: "Orlando was the wrong destination if you wanted to avoid crying kids on planes."

    And a flight attendant weighed in saying: "One of my biggest pet peeves as a flight attendant is when people make a scene over a crying baby.

    "There’s no reason for it. He was beyond extra. Totally didn’t need to act like that. Him acting like ‘If i scream louder then maybe the baby will stop’. If he gets that bothered by babies crying he should’ve been better prepared before flying."

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