Spain has one of largest nudist beaches in the world – complete with naked bar

We Brits love a beach from the sand between our toes to the sunshine.

But, while we may be used to seeing women going topless for a tan a totally nude beach is likely to surprise us!

And, it turns out that popular holiday destination, Spain, has one of the largest nudist beaches in the world.

You may even spot a few people having a pint at the beach in the buff…

Vera, on the Almeria coast, is one of few places in the world where you can sunbathe, swim and surf completely naked. The Vera Playa Naturist zone was created in 1979.

While in other areas in Spain going in the buff is frowned upon there is a “no swimsuit day” on many beaches in July – but, Vera lets you get your booty out 365 days a year.

The beach stretches for 2km and tourists can go fully nude.

There’s also a nudist bar for those who like to feel the wind on their skin.

But, most locations require you to put your clothes back on at 8pm.

And, the Vera Playa Club is the first naturist hotel in Spain – it even has a swimming pool if you don’t want to take your clothes off on the beach.

While many nudist areas make clothing “optional” the Vera Playa Club requires you to be naked.

The website states: "Guests must be nude in the pool area at all hours."

But, wearing your pants is optional elsewhere in the resort.

And, clothing is always required in the restaurant – presumably so nobody is put off their food.

Some of the supermarkets and shops in the area also allow people to be naked in Vera alongside apartments and campsites.

However taking videos and photos is completely banned.

If you want to head to the beach in the buff you must ensure that you’re going to the correct part of the beach.

As, frankly, nobody wants to be the only nude person on the sand!

The south section of the beach is for those who want to wear clothes while the north is for naturists.

The beach is even a world record holder – in 2013, it was home to the largest nudist swim ever with 729 naked swimmers.

Police often walk the area to make sure that everyone is OK.

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