Spain holidays: Benidorm named best city in Europe for socially distanced fun

Hotel Benidorm: Staff say some Brits visit five times a year

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Travel will be on many Britons’ list of things to do this year. While travel restrictions are still in place, it is now easier to jet off overseas without too much worry.

Spain is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Britons.

The country’s rules for entry are also very straightforward, as Britons will need to be fully vaccinated to go on a Spain holiday.

Once in the country, Covid rules and restrictions vary depending on the region.

But even if there is a lot to think about when going on a holiday during a pandemic, one city is offering Britons some peace of mind.

Benidorm has been named the best city for social-distanced fun.

There is, of course, a lot of partying to done in the Costa Blanca town.

But Benidorm also has many hotels and food options, and it is in an attractive location by the beach.

With Covid still a reality, holidaymakers will be happy to learn Benidorm is the best city in Europe for social distanced fun.

For both a good time and some space, SlotsUp found Benidorm to beat the competition.

The city has the most amusement parks and nightclubs available out of the 12 cities analysed in the study.

And with a population of just 67,000, it’s the best place to party while still social distancing.

Coming second for self-distancing fun was another Spanish city.

Barcelona was followed by Prague, which was singled out for its impressive nightlife and selection of restaurants.

Benidorm also made the top three of fun per square mile.

The small town offers everything on holidaymakers’ doorsteps.

It’s perfect for Britons who don’t want to navigate big cities.

Benidorm was beat by Barcelona in second place.

Paris came top, having “the most condensed amount of amenities”.

In Spain, however, Benidorm seemed to tick all the boxes for a fun getaway in Covid times.

Most of its activities are within a small perimeter, it offers many fun amenities and has a relatively low population.

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