Spain holidays: Masks mandatory outdoors but not on beach – ‘temporary’ rule explained

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Spain is one of the most popular holidaying spots for Britons. The Covid pandemic, however, has made flying to Spain for a holiday harder than ever.

Spain is currently battling its sixth Covid wave, with Omicron causing havoc in the Med country.

The Spanish Government has put some new restrictions on travel, with Britons having to prove their full vaccination status on entry.

This has proved to eb a problem for teenage Britons and families with teenagers, as they will not have had the chance to get a second dose yet.

They are therefore not considered fully vaccinated by Spain.

Holidaymakers who can prove their full vaccination status can enter the country.

But once in Spain, they face more Covid rules, with face masks again compulsory indoors and outdoors.

The move has been described as “temporary” by the Spanish Government, with many hoping the new rule will be lifted in time for Spring and the influx of tourists.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, with the mask mandate having exception.

The Spanish health minister, Carolina Darias, has named beaches as an exception to the new face mask rule.

Britons jetting off to Spain for a holiday will not have to wear masks when lounging on the sand.

The exception is contingent on the social distancing rule being observed.

There are other exceptions to the face mask rule.

They are not necessary for outdoors “individual sports” such as jogging or cycling.

Face masks are not mandatory if travelling on boats, but they are compulsory below deck, even with social distancing.

Anyone not complying with the new rule faces a fine of up to €100 (£84).

So when and where do people in Spain need to wear a face mask outdoors?

The new rule states everyone over the age of six years old must wear a face mask outdoors even if social distancing (1.5 metres between people) is being observed.

It is mandatory to wear a mask “in any outdoor space for public use or that is open to the public”, which includes everywhere from parks to streets.

Health minister Carolina Darias said: “Every time we go out, we have to
leave with our mask on.”

This applies to both locals and tourists, so holidaymakers will want to make sure they abide by the rule.


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