Spain’s new digital nomad visa attracts huge interest

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Spain’s new digital nomad visa scheme will allow Britons to stay in Spain for up to five years. They will also be allowed to bring their spouse any dependent children.

Visa holders will also be eligible for a reduced rate of non-resident income tax at 15 percent for four years, instead of the normal 25 percent.

A wide range of people will be eligible to apply for the digital nomad visa, including Britons who work for companies outside Spain.

Applicants will need to prove that they can carry out their work remotely and that they have already been doing so for a year.

Income received from a Spanish employer must not exceed 20 percent of the applicant’s overall income.

People with a criminal record will not be eligible to apply for a Spanish digital nomad visa.

Applicants must also have contracted private health insurance which includes full coverage throughout Spain.

Costa Luz Lawyers who deal with immigration cases in Spain said it had already received over 1,000 enquiries about the new visa.

Maria Luisa de Castro at Costa Luz Immigration Lawyers, said: “The digital nomad visa will open up the possibility of moving to Spain and working from here for up to five years, while paying a reduced rate of tax.

“It’s an attractive solution for many remote-working Britons who have been frustrated by the lack of freedom of movement that Brexit has introduced.

“Globally, the benefits of remote working are increasingly understood these days. The new Spanish law recognises that and provides a pathway for talented individuals to make Spain their home for the next five years.”

Britons are advised to contact professionals before attempting the legal paperwork as they will be able to help navigate the system.

Since the pandemic, an increasing number of Britons are able to work remotely opening up the possibility of moving abroad.

Several countries have already launched digital nomad visas to attract workers to move there.

Spain is already one of the top destinations worldwide for British expats who are attracted by sun, sand and sea.

Many British expats choose to move to coastal areas, including the popular regions of Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca.

In some resort towns, such as Benidorm, there is already an established expat community so Britons will have no trouble fitting in.

According to statistics from the housing experts at Idealista, Alicante is one of the most popular areas for expats.

Formentera del Segura, a town in Alicante, led the search results for British expats when it came to housing in Spain.

Malaga was another popular province while Almeria and Granada also had high search results.

The Balearic islands are also very popular although Britons will find that housing on the islands is generally more expensive.

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