Speech-language pathologists, also called SLPs, are experts in communication…

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A cure that can be found even in these modern times is highly unlikely. I will not even hazard a guess if I will ever be able to return to my own time. I never got to tell my own story to the world. But I doubt if my life has changed too much even after almost twenty five years. I am just another old man who lives in his house. I have been trying to remember my own words to you all and trying to imagine if I would be saying them in your time. Im no genius, but I think I might have guessed you all would not be able to understand me. It must be difficult for you, that you have never been able to understand me even after all this time. You are probably sad that despite your efforts to make friends, you have been unable to form a deeper bond with them. However, none of these things matter now. I am just an old man who has been diagnosed in his old age. Your relationships to each other will not matter. In the time that I was in your world, you would have done the same. It was an easy decision to make, but the difference is, my choice would lead to a future where you, or even I you are still dead. I dont say this to be a threat or to frighten you, but to make you realize, that as I said, in your time, you will be dead. As long as you have not changed, you will always have the same needs and preferences. I can only guess that you have all grown attached to each other. I wonder if all these years, you have all grown attached with each other because you are the sort of people that would like to die soon. I know you will be unable to understand any more than I understand you. I know you have come to the conclusion of dying soon. I know you have chosen death as the best way out of this life. My only hope is for you to realize this and to finally give these people the happiness that they are all waiting for. In that case, I will be able to go on living a peaceful life. I will be able to rest in my own bed at my home.

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