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You let Bobby handle the problemYou just hope Bobbys not too old to handle a little pain. You run over to Bobby who hasnt moved. You remember the last time you were with Bobby, he was just as clueless when it came to his condition. Re too used to being out of the loop as well. Bobby sighs and looks out the window a couple times. Well, I think we best just talk to them about it, hey what did they think about it. He picks up the book and sits down beside you on the bed. They just kind of kept their mouths shut. D get the idea and we could get a bit of a break in the middle. I mean, maybe if I know something about the house, I could give them a different idea. We could probably get our parents to go in there and get the kids. I mean maybe you could just tell them. S going to just cause them to blame you too. S not my fault, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

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