‘Spooky thrill’: Most haunted counties in the UK have been named – 786 ghostly sightings

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Spooky travel is a staple of Halloween. With the holiday coming up fast, Britons may decide to explore a frightening new location.

A new study by PaulCamper looked at the Paranormal Database to figure out which UK county was the spookiest.

And it’s Yorkshire that takes the crown.

With a frightening 786 ghostly sightings, Yorkshire is far in front Greater London, the second spookiest location in the UK, with 684 sightings.

Yorkshire has had the most fairy sightings, as well as 16 reports of UFOs.

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There were also a great number of ghosts sightings in Yorkshire, making the county a truly terrifying, and perfect, Halloween destination.

Some of the spookiest places to visit while in the county include the oldest pub in Sheffield, The Old Queen’s Head and York Theatre Royal.

The Theatre’s ghost, The Grey Lady, is rumoured to be one of the nuns who ran the medieval hospital of St Leonard’s.

Greater London comes second on the list.

Ghosts, UFOs and even a vampire have been sighted in the capital.

Third on the list was Lancashire, with 585 sightings.

Lancashire mixed things up and had 32 poltergeists, 24 legends, 16 UFOs, fairies, curses, a dragon and a werewolf, Lancashire is far from a boring location.

Surprisingly, the most haunted city in England was not York.

It was Brighton that took the top spot with 146 spooky occurrences.

York came second with 80 sightings, followed by Bristol, with.

Nottingham wasn’t far behind, with 76 sightings, while Manchester rounded up the top five with 55 spooky sightings.

Steven Hagenah, UK Country Lead for PaulCamper said: “These most-haunted places to visit offer some excitement after a year that most of us would rather forget. And with Halloween around the corner there’s no better reason to combine travel with a spooky thrill.”

The 30 spookiest counties in the UK

1. Yorkshire

2. Greater London

3. Lancashire

4. Essex

5. Sussex

6. Dorset

7. Devon

8. Suffolk

9. Wiltshire

10. Somerset

11. Norfolk

12. Derbyshire

13. Cornwall

14. Kent

15. Nottinghamshire

16. Lincolnshire

17. Hampshire

18. Cumbria

19. Highland

20. Cheshire

21. Cambridgeshire

22. Gloucestershire

23. Northumberland

24. Surrey

25. Lothian

26. Durham

27. Shropshire

28. Oxfordshire

29. Hertfordshire

30. Gwent



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