Stag do stuck in Amsterdam buy bikes for 230-mile trip home as flights cancelled

A stag do hit by the effects of flight cancellations decided to go on an epic 230-mile mission home – and spent £1,300 on bikes to catch the ferry back in the process.

The British lads had been on a two-day boozy bender in Amsterdam. They were booked onto an easyJet flight to return from the city's Schiphol airport to London Gatwick at 1:25pm on Saturday – which was then scrapped.

Their options to return to Britain by air or rail were limited so the 14-strong party decided the best route was take a train to Calais and board a ferry.

But when they called up to ask about the crossing to Dover they were told foot passengers were not allowed.

However, travellers with bikes would be accepted, reports the Mirror.

So, the group of lads spent the afternoon buying bicycles from locals in Brussels and Lille by running into shops and looking on Facebook.

13 of the 14 managed to buy a bike in just three hours – at a total cost of more than £1,300.

Arriving in Calais, the last member of the group convinced a young couple to let him into their car for the crossing.

This meant all 14 arrived safely in Dover in the early hours of Sunday just 12 hours after their flight had been cancelled.

Groom-to-be Alex Sisan, 29, said: "We had the craziest day, but we just wanted to get home – we ended up spending €1,540 (£1,300) on bikes!

"At the time it didn’t feel like fun, but I had two of the best days of my life with 13 best friends and this just topped it off.

"Looking back, the experience was so stressful and like something from a movie or a Top Gear challenge.

"But it was so much fun and a brilliant story that I will be telling at the wedding, and hopefully to my kids – and then their kids."

The stag do arrived in Amsterdam on Thursday and stayed in a hotel in the city centre.

They were then booked onto an easyJet flight to return from Schiphol airport two days later, and arrived five hours early to beat the queues.

But, after standing in line for security for hours, they were dismayed to find out their flight had been cancelled.

After trying to reach easyJet for help, it was decided that leaving the airport was the best option at that time.

Fruitless attempts at renting a car and getting Eurostar tickets ensued, before it was suggested that a ferry to Dover would be viable.

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The party then boarded a train to Calais, which went via Brussels and Lille, but, they needed the bikes to board the ferry.

Alex, who is getting married next month, said: "We had to spend two hours running around Lille to get bikes.

"We had booked a Calais to Dover crossing but you needed bikes to get on – no foot passengers were allowed.

"I was on Facebook Marketplace for two hours, with the pin location set to Lille, trying to arrange to buy some of these bikes. They ranged from €40 – to €220!"

Unfortunately, when they got back to the train station in Lille, they hit another snag.

The one service that would get them to Calais in time would only take fold-up bikes – with no exceptions.

This meant the group had to hail down taxis to drive them down to the port – at a cost of €350 per car.

Arriving in Calais with less than an hour to spare, the group boarded the ferry with the help of a charitable couple who let the member without a bike into their car.

They then landed in Dover at around 11:30pm.

Alex, from Worthing, West Sussex, said: "All in all, we all must have spent at least €400 each – then we had to get lifts from Dover.

"But this ended up being the best weekend of my life."

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An easyJet spokesperson said: "We are very sorry that the group’s flight from Amsterdam to London Gatwick was cancelled.

"We notified customers directly of their options to rebook or receive a refund and are providing hotel accommodation and meals where required.

"Our customer service hours and hotel accommodation sourcing have been extended to support impacted customers and help get them to their destination as soon as possible.

"Nonetheless we fully understand the disruption this will have caused to their plans and we are very sorry for this.

"Our team are reaching out to the group to talk through their options and reimburse them for any reasonable expenses."

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