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You scroll down and see a link to the Daily section. You click the linkYou go to the email and see that youre not the only one seeing the new email. Reynolds,I am hoping that you will reconsider the possibility of our meeting in person. Please provide me the password to your security system, I would like to make sure I am going in the right place. Reynolds,Your name hereYou open the email and see that it comes from a mysterious person named Your full name. You sit around for a minute, then you send an email back to Your full name saying, No, I have the passwords to my house and my email. Im leaving, and you click the reply all button. You leave out your name for privacy reasonsFrom: Your full nameTo: Your full nameSubject: RE: RE: RE:Mr. Reynolds,Please forgive the late response, I have been working on an important project and must get back to it. Let me know if we meet in person. SincerelyYour nameYou respond back saying, Thank you for the offer, but no, Im not interested in meeting with you at this time. Are you going to go meet the writer of the story or perhaps get him to write you something. Or are you going to go back to your computer. You email againYoure so frustrated with the email from the writer, thats why you respond right away. No, Im not interested in meeting with you. You can get someone else to meet with me, I dont seem to have any other writers that I need to see. As I said I have other projects to write and they always take priority over meeting someone who isnt my supervisor. You close the email and click a link to an online form that asks you to click a link to confirm your email address. You type in your email and click submit. You hear a beep and your screen goes black. You wake up from your doze and open your cell phone. Its 9:04AM and youre still awake so you see that the link you sent was clicked. You have two options, click on the Email received link, click on any link, or click on the Email sent link, do not click on a link You.

This article about Entertainment weekly