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EVERYONE BE AWARE:1, I will attempt to do my best to be civil. 3, Please dont flame me about anything that you feel is in poor taste. 4, If there is a movie or TV show you really want me to watch, feel free to suggest it. 5, Feel free to message me with any questions you have about ANYTHING. The latest episode of The Young Turks has been a bit on the controversial side. After a segment on gun control, the show went on to address the Orlando massacre. The segment included the usual left wing talking points and the usual left wing violence. The segment went like this:Cenk Uygur: So this is an attack on LGBT rights. Our community is really under assault right now. Im joined right now by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, co-host of The Young Turks, the 1 News Show on YouTube. Cenk, I want to talk about gun control in this context because people are really going to want to respond and say Well, whats Cenk got to say about that. Cenk, do you think theres a connection between this Orlando tragedy and the fact that Americans are carrying rifles in their backpacks. The fact is that we should be debating how to better keep guns out of the hands of terrorists. We should be debating how to better keep guns out of the hands of criminals. We should be debating how to keep guns from people with severe mental illness. As far as the NRA, and I know the NRA is going to be mad about this, but the NRA has a huge amount of money and theyre going to continue to be the voice of the gun industry. So I say, if you want to buy a gun, go buy a gun from the NRA. I guarantee you wont be doing it at a gun shop in America. If you want to go buy a gun in America, you go to the NRA. And thats part of the problem were having in this country. Were not having any of that gun debate. Were having all of this gun violence talk. And were not having any of that gun control talk. Were going to keep having it and that is whats causing all of these people to commit these mass murderings.

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