Stewardess on luxury yacht asked to do ‘crazy stuff’ during sunset

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Yacht stewardess Maria Roig works on a £100million superyacht based in the United States and she exclusively shared with some of the “weirdest” requests she has had from the millionaires who spend their holidays on the yacht. Maria talked about “the three most bizarre requests from my clients on the superyacht” and revealed that they love a dinner with a view.

She explained: “I had a client who complained about the sunset being too early and he was annoyed it wasn’t at the same time they were having dinner.

“I suggested to him we could serve dinner earlier so they could enjoy the sunset and he was super annoyed that I suggested changing their dinner time.”

Maria previously shared that the weirdest request she ever had in the evening was to make the dolphins jump: “Once I got asked if I could make the dolphins jump during sunset.

“I said that I was sorry but they were already booked!” the luxury stewardess said.

She continued: “Another time, the clients were having an oyster cocktail. It’s like a salad with oysters we serve with champagne.

“All of a sudden he comes to me and says that he is really disappointed because the oysters are salty. I was shocked and I thought ‘Well they come from the sea, they are not going to be sweet’.”

Maria explained that one of her worst experiences was when they went sailing with “really, really bad weather” because the client wanted to go “despite the captain advising him not to”.

“We had the worst storm ever, two-meter waves, and I had to serve food like that, everything was falling over, the clients were sick… it was a complete disaster!”

The crew member added: “And after, the client went to speak to the captain to complain that the yacht was moving too much!”

Maria admitted that some of her clients sometimes ask for “crazy stuff” and she once was requested “to go to France to pick up a bottle of champagne they loved – and we were in Italy”.

“Another one asked me if I could import American coffee to have in the morning for breakfast…”

The millionaire clients also told her once after dinner that at 2am they would be having guests, and if she could organise a party for them.

The stewardess also talked about the salary and revealed that crew members get a basic pay “between £2,500 to £24,000 per month”.

However, they all get “huge” tips, “minimum £2,500 just on tips a week” which is one of the best parts of her job.

Speaking about her daily routine, she said that she has “complete freedom” during the winter months. “Our daily routine varies a lot depending on the season.

“During winter, we work from 8am to 4pm. My duties are basically keeping all the cabins clean and tidy.

“[In winter] it’s basically just the crew cabins, as we don’t have any guests on board, and keeping a good level of maintenance such as doing laundry etc. After that, we have complete freedom.

“We have a gym at the port, which we can go to. And that is basically the daily routine during the winter months.

“During the peak season with guests on board, however, our routine consists of being completely devoted to the guests. Everything we do is for them.

“We work 16 hours a day and all the breaks or meals we have are following their routines,” she explained.

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