Tattooed adult star ‘told off’ for arriving at airport in bikini after ‘bender’

A tattoo-loving porn star has shared the story of a time she turned up to an airport after a bender – and was told off for wearing a bikini.

Lou, also known as Tatty Tyler, is a British content creator, who shares racy snaps and videos with subscribers on her pay-to-view OnlyFans account.

The adult star is also covered in decorative ink, and began filming X-rated scenes after quitting her cleaning business when her friends also found success making porn.

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Now in a recent interview on the Mild High Club podcast, the Brit opened up about her adult career, and shared a story of a time when her unusual lifestyle had almost gone too far.

“I’m a bit of a p**head,” she joked.

“I do like a pint. Once I’ve had a pint, then I’ve had another one and another one so I can’t stop.

“I was in Benidorm and I just got completely wasted, so then I turned up at the airport in my bikini.

“That didn’t go down too well, I got told off. My mate was like, ‘oh my god, you need to put your clothes on’. I was like, ‘why? Oh s*** yeah, we’re here.”

Despite her unusual lifestyle, Lou admitted that she hadn’t always had such a radical approach to life.

“I met my ex when I was 15 so I was in a long relationship, I came out of that after 22 years I think,” she explained.

“I just went a bit wild, I went from a good girl to a bad girl.”

Part of Lou’s radical transformation has even seen her cover her body in tattoos, and she admitted that her outgoing personality can cause people to judge her unfairly when she arrives on a porn set.

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“The way I look, I think guys are more scared of me, some of them are like, ‘god, she looks a bit rough’,” she observed.

And, the Brit confessed that her dominant appearance had even led her followers to make unusual requests when she was asked to reveal the strangest thing she had been asked to do.

“I think getting my heel and putting it on a man’s nipples, but really pushing it in… I heard it crunch, but he loved it,” she noted.


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