TGW Logistics Group is a leading systems provider of highly automated, …

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Sh You dont say anythingYou arent going to insult my intelligence like that. You go into the main lobby and see a large sign reading The Glass Quarter. The sign is on the ground floor which is a few floors up from the front door. You walk past the sign, as well as several others that advertise various things, such as a drug store, and walk up on top of the first floor of the glass building. The sign is just a bit more than two feet off the ground so you can reach it with about the same ease as if it were over a foot away. You dont see anything about it being neon, but the sign and glass in the building isnt really that reflective, it could just be a plain old transparent sign. With your hand on the sign just above the corner you can just make out the numbers 1-9 right above the glass. There is a door at the end of the hallway just past the entrance of the glass quarter. You continue walking down the hallway and see a couple of doors that look like they have a Door 1 and a Door 2 above them. You go through Door 2You turn around and head back down the hallway. You see several other offices that look the same way and you think the same thing. You will have to go through two offices that look the same way in order to go through the glass quarter. The two offices should both lead to a reception area for the glass quarter. You head through the door labeled Door 2. Yes, a friend of mine needs to come through here. He said he wants to get something from here that.

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