The Holiday Guru answers readers' Covid-related travel questions

I am unvaccinated. What are my travel chances for the year ahead? The Holiday Guru answers readers’ Covid-related vacation questions

The Holiday Guru is always on hand to answer your questions. 

Here, he tackles Covid-related queries, with one reader wondering what their chances of travel abroad will be this year if unvaccinated.

Q. Is there a danger the U.S. will close its borders again? We hope to go in February.

Mrs Francesca Woodford, via email.

One reader is keen to know if the U.S will close its borders again

A. Highly unlikely. Omicron has spread to America so new travel rules are unnecessary and President Biden has ruled out any lockdowns.

Q. How much longer will France ban us from visiting the country?

Ed Osborne, via email.

A. Probably not much longer. If common sense were applied, the ban would be lifted now, given the number of daily Covid cases in France.

Q. I have booked a ski holiday in France, but the hotel refuses a refund. Advice?

Jan Murphy, via email.

A. Some hotels offer refunds or postponements, but not all, and there is no legal requirement. Your case highlights the benefits of package holidays, where the tour operator must provide a refund within 14 days by law.

Q. I am unvaccinated. What are my travel chances for the year ahead?

Sam Smith, via email.

Reader Sam Smith asks what their travel chances are for the year ahead if unjabbed

A. Slim, without going into quarantine on arrival and having to take a PCR test with a negative result before travel, too.


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