The plenary power to grant a pardon or a reprieve is granted to the …

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Harry Truman Pardons the Felons,President Harry TrumanTheres no way that I can put up with that. It may take a bit of time, but I can do it. Well, yeah, I mean I know that there are some underground demons that need to be fought off. Well, yeah, but you dont really know what its like, you never HAVE been there. Yeah I guess you could say that, but I think you know how I feel about you. Oh, you mean when you were trying to seduce me a couple of weeks ago. I could see you were going to give up eventually. Ive been here for you and you cant handle a few demon kids. Okay, youve never lived in a real world, but you can at least understand the concept. You think that you do and thats why youre talking to me. You think that Im the one whos going to help you, but its not going to end well at all. You need to go through with this or else theres no way you ever let yourself get with me. You want me to help you kill a bunch of demons. I mean I was with you when we went to my room after we kissed. I was with you when you were making out with me in the pool room. I was with you when we were making out in your room, even when we were making out in the attic. And then there were the times you talked to me for days straight and I didnt leave your room until I was sure youd sleep through the night and leave me alone. And then there was the time we decided to go out to eat and that was when I was with you. Well, youll just be wasting your time. Ill find out whos after you. Ill find out whos after me. So youre saying that I should help you. Well of course I should help you, because YOU ARE the cause of all this trouble.

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