The safest tourist destination in Europe has ‘amazing’ attractions – full list

Germany: Strip club drive-in opens for customers in Bavaria

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Safety is a key consideration for many British tourists when it comes to booking a holiday. But where will Britons be safest in 2022?

Safest holiday destinations in Europe

  1. Bavaria
  2. London
  3. Ljubljana
  4. Amalfi Coast
  5. Istanbul
  6. Lucerne
  7. Leuven
  8. Lahti
  9. Oradea
  10. Marbella

According to research from The Travel, Bavaria is the safest holiday destination in Europe for British tourists in 2022.

The German region has many incredible sites and attractions and boasts a low crime rate.

One of Europe’s most stunning natural areas, tourists visiting Bavaria will be spoilt for choice when it comes to hiking.

Many international visitors choose to explore the Nebelhorn, a 2,224m high mountain in Germany’s Allgau Alps.

One visitor wrote on Tripadvisor: “Amazing! This place is amazing. We loved it. The views are out of this world.”

Another said: “The views are spectacular.”

City break fans could explore the buzzing metropolis of Munich and enjoy a beer in the city’s beautiful square, Marienplatz.

Marienplatz was described as a “wonderful square” by one visitor with many restaurants and cafes to explore.

Although Bavaria is a very safe travel destination for British tourists, crime rates often rise during Munich’s Oktoberfest.

The world-famous beer celebration draws thousands of tourists from around the globe and pickpockets may take advantage of the influx.

Britons won’t have to travel far to enjoy the second safest destination with London following Bavaria.

The capital’s top attractions include the Tower of London, London Eye and British Museum.

The beautiful Slovenian capital city, Ljubljana, was the third safest holiday destination in Europe.

The gorgeous city is almost entirely walkable and tourists can visit its castle to enjoy incredible city views.

Italy’s Amalfi Coast took the fourth spot and tourists can explore the region’s many small towns on a holiday there.

The region also offers some of Italy’s most beautiful beaches and has guaranteed good weather.

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