The University Career Center hosts a number of fairs …

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These events can either be dining with the chancellors or entertaining themselfs with little-to-no-money. You are about to leave when you hear a knock at the door. You hang upHang up, please, you say. You open the doorThe door opens and two men enter, each with their own bags. Um, hi, you say, can I get some coffee. We only have two kinds, he says. Yeah, this is the coffee table over there, the first guy says. You order coffeeYou say coffee and the second guy says coffee, please. You say coffee, donut, donut, and donut and order several Donut-Donuts. Theres coffee on the side for people to have donuts, the first guy says when theyre done. You sit on the couchI want to sit on the couch. You say I want a coffee, donut, donut, and look at the second guy. If you want me to get you something, I can get you a coffee, a donut, and a donut for you. Oh, you say, I dont think I can get one of those for myself. Yeah, yeah, Ill talk to my manager. Okay, but I dont think one of those two guys can do that for you, youll have to talk to the manager. Okay, I just need to speak to the manager, then, he shouldnt take long and everything will be okay. You sigh and say, Thanks, Ill talk to my manager about that. You hear a holler from the second guy, and turn around. You go back to the coffee tableYou turn back around.

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