The wettest city in the UK named – but it’s dryer than Europe

London: Footage shows flash flooding after heavy rainfall

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The UK may be wet, but it’s not even close to the wettest country on earth. In fact, despite what many people around the world would like to believe, the UK is not even the wettest country in Europe.

A new study by Budget Direct analysed Climate Data to find out where the most rain falls.

The wettest place in the world is Buenaventura, in Colombia.

Colombia also has the dubious honour of claiming the second wettest spot in the world, with Manizales. 

Most of the wettest places in the world are in Latin America, with Indonesia and Cameroon sneaking in at number nine and 10.

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Closer to the UK, the wettest cities in Europe have also been named.

The wettest place in Europe is Carna, in Ireland.

It’s followed by Bergen, in Norway.

Glarus in Switzerland and Akhaltsikhe in Georgia, as well as Linares in Spain and Domodossola in Italy also made the top 10.

In fact, the UK only appears at number six, with the wettest city in the country. 

The UK’s wettest city is Londonderry.

The Northern Ireland city 147 days of rain a year.

It’s followed by Inverness in Scotland and Preston in England.

So where is Manchester?

The city is nowhere to be found on the top 10.

Rival Liverpool, however, makes an appearance at number four.

And Lancaster takes the fifth spot.

Top wettest spots in Europe

1. Ireland, Carna

2. Norway, Bergen

3. Switzerland, Glarus

4. Georgia, Akhaltsikhe

5. Austria, Landeck

6. UK Northern Ireland, Londonderry

7. Iceland, Reykjavik

8. Spain, Linares

9. Italy, Domodossola

10. Germany, Rosenheim


Top 10 wettest cities in the UK

1. Londonderry, Northern Ireland

2. Inverness, Scotland

3. Preston, England

4. Liverpool, England

5. Lancaster, England

6. Glasgow, Scotland

7. Bangor, Wales

8. Newport, Wales

9. Swansea, Wales

10. Stirling, Scotland

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