The world’s safest holiday destination for families is a ‘best kept secret’ – full list

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Most families are looking for a safe holiday destination when they decide to book a trip abroad. The Family Vacation Guide has named the world’s safest hotspots.

Safest holiday destinations for families

  1. Zurich, Switzerland
  2. Heraklion, Greece
  3. Vienna, Austria

Zurich in Switzerland was named as the safest holiday destination in the world for British families.

The beautiful city has an extremely low crime rate and ranks well when it comes to quality of life.

One visitor on Tripadvisor said that the city was a “best-kept secret” and described it as “beautiful”.

Lake Zurich is the city’s top attraction and the gorgeous crescent shaped lake has many water based activities on offer for families.

The quaint Altstadt or Old Town is where many of the city’s cultural attractions are concentrated.

Families can explore the city’s many squares and enjoy a drink or a slice of cake in one of Zurich’s many cafes.

Zurich was once named as the tenth safest city in the world and the third safest in Europe by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

There is very little tourist related crime although visitors may want to keep an eye out for pickpockets in busy areas.

If Britons are looking for a beach holiday, they might prefer the second safest destination for families.

Heraklion in Greece was named as the second safest destination for British families and has a low crime rate.

The city in Crete is known for the incredible Palace of Knossos, which dates back thousands of years.

Tourists can visit one of the popular city beaches or travel a little further to find a gorgeous hidden gem.

The third safest destination for families was Vienna, the buzzing capital city of Austria. Vienna has some of the lowest pollution levels in Europe.

Crime rates are also low and the city has plenty of green spaces for families to enjoy a picnic in.

Famed for its ornate cafes, kids will love the chance to try a slice of Sacher-torte, Vienna’s world-famous cake.

The layered chocolate cake is one of the city’s many delicacies while apple strudel is also incredibly popular.

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