Tourist shares her simple tongue hack to avoid getting ‘ugly passport photo’

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    It's known as an impossible task to take a flattering passport photo without looking like a serial killer.

    And there are many reasons behind it – the bad lighting, the height of the chair or even down to the angle of your face.

    But a young woman has come up with a brilliant beauty hack to look amazing in the passport photo.

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    If you have long hair, rather than letting them down, Molly suggested to tie a tight pony to "snatch" the face to avoid looking puffy or saggy.

    Sharing a picture of her model-like passport photo, the TikToker contributed her "face-lift effect" to the use of makeup.

    She said: "Intense contour and highlight because the bright light will wash it out."

    Posing is also important when taking a passport photo in a photo booth, Molly reminded: "Push your tongue on the roof of your mouth to intensify jawline.

    "Relax your eyes for those 'model eyes'."

    Viewers were shocked to see Molly's photos, with one asking: "How can anyone look this good in a passport photo?"

    Some wished they have watched Molly's video earlier.

    A person commented: "Girl I just got mine done like half a year ago and they looked terrible, so now I have to wait another five years."

    "Where was this when I had to take pictures for my ID and Driver's licence?" another added.

    A third joked: "Someone tag me in this 10 years later."

    But one shared a concern: "Only problem is I look homeless at the airport so the staff at border won't be able to recognise me."

    Molly replied: "My mum told me that they won't let me through because I don't look like that."

    Recently a model was denied entry because she looked too different than her passport photo.

    Ukrainian actress Tatiana Lin was questioned at the border as the customs said her bare face doesn't match the picture in her passport.

    Posting on Instagram, she admitted that she "does look a bit different" than her glam-up get-go.


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