Tourists ‘risk lives for Insta’ on ledge that may collapse ‘without warning’

Would you risk your life to take a dramatic Instagram picture?

Tourists are doing just that by ignoring guidance at a popular beauty spot.

Wedding Cake Rock, south of Sydney, Australia, is surrounded by a 1.6m-tall fence to keep visitors away.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) warned that the ledge is “precariously balancing on the edge of the cliff and severely undercut”.

This is why a report from 2015 warned it could collapse “without warning”, which could send those standing on it tumbling down into the sea below.

Those who break guidance can be fined up to $3,300 AUD (around £1,800).

When tourists were spotted snapping photos at Wedding Cake Rock recently, people were outraged.

A picture posted on Reddit shows three people who bypassed the tall fence to get onto the cream-coloured ledge.

One visitor snaps a photo of the couple, who dangle their feet precariously off the edge.

Social media users were horrified, with one asking: “Why are people this stupid seriously?”

And another replied: “Because they assume bad things only happen to other people.”

A third wrote: “Didn't we have an accident a while back because of such reckless behaviour.

“I really hope tourists start to realise that these photos ain't worth the possible loss of lives.”

Another commented: “It annoys me that we have to put up with ugly fencing to warn these people, who then ignore the warnings anyway.”

And a fifth added: “Are you kidding me? You literally went around a fence with signs that say cliff is unstable to do this.

“You guys need to be caught and fined. You put other lives at risk for your stupid photos. Lives of the SES, police, police rescue just to name a few.”

Redditors are right to be concerned about tourists at Wedding Cake Rock.

The infamous landmark was where 23-year-old student Fabien Ardoin died in 2014 after plunging a terrifying 40 metres.

This hasn’t deterred people from making the trip though.

Thousands of results appear if you search #weddingcakerock on Instagram, showing the sheer volume of tourists who are ignoring guidelines even after the tragedy.

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