Travel chaos: Beat the airport queues with ‘stress-free’ hack for ‘faster’ queues

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Staff shortages and high demand for flights have seen airports and airlines struggle with chaotic scenes this summer. A team of travel experts shared some tips with to help British holidaymakers beat the queues.

Travel agency eShores shared its top tips with to help British tourists avoid chaos at airports this summer.

The team said: “Research the airlines with the best fast-track options. The best and fastest way to skip queues in the airport is to get a fast track with your ticket.

“Some airlines offer the fast-track option for as little as £5, enabling you to skip through the check-in queue, the security queue and the flight boarding queue.

“The fast-track tickets are often limited and they go on a first come first served basis, so the quicker you can book it the better!”

Fast-track tickets could help passengers skip queues at security and check-in and may not cost Britons much more money than a regular ticket.

Some airlines will also include extra luggage with a fast-track ticket so passengers struggling to travel light could make a double saving.

The team added: “Speak to several members of staff. Airport staff communication may not always be perfect.

“If you know you paid for a fast-track ticket and security staff tell you otherwise, make sure to consult with at least one more staff member.

“Sometimes the validity of these tickets can be overlooked by staff that try to keep everyone in line, so definitely talk to the other members of staff to avoid queueing needlessly.”

If a passenger feels they’ve been treated unfairly, it could be a good idea to get a second opinion from another member of staff.

It’s important to always be polite to security and check-in staff as many of them are working in highly pressurised circumstances.

eShores team added: “For longer holidays, you may have more things to carry that will not fit in a small carry-on bag.

“However, if you think you can fit most of your essentials in a bag you can take on your flight, we’d certainly recommend you do this.

“Checking in baggage means you’ll need to arrive at the airport earlier, adding an extra queue to your waiting time.

“Airlines like Ryanair, for example, not only allow you to bring 10kg luggage (for a small additional cost) but this package also comes with a priority ticket which lets you skip the security queue.”

Checking in baggage could lead to customers struggling to deal with extra queues so it’s advisable to only take hand luggage if possible.

The team added: “Fly from smaller airports. While we know this may not always be an option, choose a smaller airport during peak travel times if you can.

“A smaller airport has fewer flights boarding around the same time which automatically makes the queues for both security and luggage check-in faster.

“Try the twilight check-in. A few airports and airlines across the country allow passengers to check in their luggage the night before so that they don’t have to queue for hours before the flight.

“Passengers with early morning flights will now have 24 hours before their flights to drop in their big suitcases and have a more stress-free boarding.”

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