Travel rule mix up by Ryanair leaves tourists out of pocket – ‘worst airline’

Travel: Ryanair CEO admits he 'doesn't understand' UK rules

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The pandemic is putting travel at risk yet again this Christmas with travel requirements constantly updated all over the world. The rules around testing are laid out on the Government website, but airlines are having trouble keeping up to date.

One traveller who was planning to fly from Edinburgh to Italy has taken to Reddit to complain about the latest Ryanair mix up.

Under the username VeryLazyLewis, the hopeful holidaymakers wrote: “I am visiting family for Christmas. I have the pleasure of flying with Europe’s worst Airline, Ryanair.”

He explained his problems in detail: “They emailed me this morning stating that you can only enter Italy if you have negative PCR test which is incorrect.

“You can get a rapid test within 24 hours too. The UK Government and Italian Government websites state this as well and there are no emergency changes. We are both triple vaccinated.”

He continued: “I rang and tweeted Ryanair and stated these are the rules customer service have been given with absolutely no budge.

“My Italian partner went onto the UK/Italy Consulate website and lots of Italians are posting about being denied entry onto flights, despite protests.

“One person reported that in Luton, all the passengers protested and kept shouting Ryanair was wrong and they actually allowed them on the flight.”

The furious holidaymaker has spent a lot of money on his trip and was asking Reddit Legal Advice if he could sue.

He said: “Between the tests, flights, trains and hotel stay, we have spent about £600 on this.”

He reported being tweeted by Ryanair’s staff: “Just follow the countries’ restrictions, you’ll be fine, sorry for the inconveniences.”

He was not the only one with a Ryanair problem, as the airline has been sending emails to its passengers telling them they need a PCR test when an antigen is valid.

Twitter user Smanca said: “Acknowledge your huge mistake in asking passengers travelling to Italy to have PCR when only antigen is required.

“Are you refunding everyone who has spent the money to book an express PCR test? How did you manage to get it SO WRONG?”

Ryanair has been getting a lot of questions on Twitter surrounding the new travel rules.

With Britons banned from France, holidaymakers are clamouring for refunds.

However, Ryanair has not cancelled its flights, and as such is telling everyone: “Hi, our services are non-refundable, therefore it’s not possible to refund them unless your flight is cancelled by Ryanair. You may change your flight to a later date, fees and charges will be applied.”

Britons were also having problems with their flight changes, and Ryanair was not budging.

Max wrote: “Can’t travel to Spain as 26 years old is not double jabbed. Flights cost 3k for five people. £450 to swap until Easter and flight 1k cheaper. How is this right? Don’t want money back, just don’t want to pay more!”

Ryanair responded: “Changing a flight incurs a flight change fee per passenger/flight. If new flights are cheaper, the flight difference is not refundable.” has contacted Ryanair for comment.

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