Travelling parents warn others to avoid giving kids orange juice on flights

Anyone with children will know that boarding a plane can be a hit or miss experience – especially if your kids aren't in the best moods.

Luckily, flight attendants and travel experts are often on hand to share handy tricks for flying with kids, from dealing with tantrums to finding the best seats on the plane for families.

However, it turns out there's one drink you should avoid giving your kids onboard if you want a stress-free experience.

Travel experts Mark and Jocelyn Wolters, who have travelled the world with their kids for 16 years, told the Sun that you should never give children orange juice while on a plane.

They explained that "kids get upset on a plane because they're dehydrated, so it's important to keep them hydrated," before adding, "it's a no to orange juice and fizzy drinks because they can cause dehydration".

That's not to say orange juice doesn't provide any hydration.

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Health Sciences in 2020 found that drinking 100% orange juice contributed to hydration just as well as water did.

Dr. Dawn Emerson, Assistant Professor at the University of Kansas and lead on the paper said: “The study showed that people consuming 100% orange juice were hydrated as well as the participants consuming a sports drink or water.”

It is important to note that the study only analysed adults and not children.

You may find that switching to drinking water only helps your children to be happier and better behaved when travelling.

Alternatively, try diluting their juice with water or opting for a freshly squeezed juice rather than one with added ingredients.

Fingers crossed it will make your trips easier to handle before you finally get to relax.

As for adults, there are also some drinks that you may want to avoid during your flight.

One flight attendant previously admitted cabin crew get frustrated when people order cups of water, while another said that coffee could be a difficult drink because people often change their mind about how they want it.

However, cabin crew member Kat Kamalani has warned passengers to avoid certain drinks for "disgusting" reasons.

Sharing various tips for holidaymakers, she opened up about the drinks on board in a video, explaining: "Rule number one – never consumer any liquid that is not in a can or a bottle.

"The reason being is those water tanks are never cleaned, and they are disgusting.

"So talk to a flight attendant, we rarely, rarely drink the tea or coffee, they come from the same water tank and so when you're drinking that coffee and tea it comes from that hot water and it's absolutely disgusting."


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