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College Park is committed to providing quality services that will enable every student to reach their fullest potential in a productive and challenging educational environment. No persons shall be excluded from this event on the basis of race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, age, marital status, military status or veteran status, for any reason. College Park, and waive any rights to a jury trial or to a class action lawsuit. You also agree to waive all claims for economic loss, including general damages, special damages and consequential damage. The above waivers shall be deemed to be given and executed in lieu of any other written or oral statement. Career Fair Policy, procedures, rules and regulations, waiver of rights or any other matter will be your responsibility, but none of the university or its agents or employees will be liable for any loss or damage you may incur in any way as a result of you missing this opportunity to meet and socialize with current or prospective employees of the university. College Park welcomes all applicants, whether or not they currently hold a full- or part-time job. We want to assist you in achieving your career goals. For information concerning internships and job placements, please visit the Career Center website or contact the Career Center directly at, 410, 955-2701. As if people werent already wary of the prospect of flying drones carrying weapons on their backs on the U. Mainland, now another development has them feeling a bit nervous: some of these small quad-copters can now carry missiles on their shoulders. In a report published Tuesday by DefenseOne, an online news outlet that focuses on defense issues, it was revealed that the weapon strapped on the back of one of these drones is an air-to-ground rocket, ATG, weapon. It is believed that these weapons are more common in the hands of terrorists and rogue elements than they are in the hands of any terrorist group. The small size of these weapon means that it may be used in the wrong hands for nefarious purposes. The drone is a remotely piloted version of a Reaper drone, meaning that they can fly more or less anywhere on the U. It is not clear how this drone got its weapon system attached to it, but given that the drones wingspan is just over a foot, chances are.

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