‘Unexplored’ European country is ‘ideal destination’ for Britons

New research from loveholidays has found Europe’s best hidden gem destinations for British tourists on a budget. The team described one stunning holiday spot as the “perfect option for budget savvy travellers”.

Al Murray, chief marketing officer of loveholidays, said: “Bulgaria has a range of mountains, rivers and lakes for intrepid travellers but remains largely unexplored, making it an ideal destination in eastern Europe for the more adventurous holidaymaker.

“It’s clear lakes and UNESCO heritage sites make it the perfect country to explore without the crowds, and its scenic coastline offers travellers expanses of untouched beaches which are much less touristy than the Mediterranean alternatives.”

The Balkan country boasts Black Sea beaches, mountains and rivers, making it the perfect place to explore.

British tourists can fly to Bulgaria in under four hours with plenty of budget direct flights available from UK airports.

Beach lovers might want to head to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria’s liveliest and best-known beach resort.

The Black Sea resort is a watersports hub while there’s also paintballing, go-karting and a waterpark.

Sunny Beach is known for its nightlife and British tourists will find cheaper beers in Bulgaria than in other well-known party spots.

Tourists looking for culture could visit the nearby town of Nessebar which has ancient ruins and an interesting Archaeological Museum.

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But Bulgaria isn’t just about beaches and tourists will find the Balkan country has plenty more to explore.

In the capital city, Sofia, tourists can marvel at the impressive Alexander Nevsky Cathedral or get a feel for city life on the Vitosha Boulevard.

One of Sofia’s leading attractions is the Museum of Illusions, where tourists can take hard to believe photos for their Instagram.

A tourist ‘Dafni P’ wrote on Tripadvisor: “An unusual museum! One of the most original places in Sofia!

“In the museum you can find inventions and tricks of old times and take the strangest photos.”

Outside of the capital, tourists could explore Plovdiv, thought of as Bulgaria’s cultural hotspot.

Tourists can head to the Kapana Creative District or check out the light and music show in Tsar Simeon’s Garden.

Al Murray said: “Not only do lesser-visited destinations typically feel less touristy, but luckily for holidaymakers they often come at a lower price too – making them the perfect option for budget-savvy travellers this summer.

“The destinations on our list provide customers with the opportunity to explore quieter areas of Europe that are rich in culture and offer incredible scenery.”

According to loveholidays research, nearly a fifth of British tourists are planning to opt for an affordable destination this year.

If Bulgaria doesn’t appeal, why not visit one of the best coastlines in Europe and explore pretty Montenegro?

Any tourists planning on staying in the UK might want to check out a beautiful beach in Kent which some have described as better than Miami.

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