Unusual 2D cafe makes customers feel like they’re in their very own comic book

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If you like coffee and comics, then we have a cafe that you need to add to your travel bucket list.

Café Bw, which has two different cafes located both in Moscow and Sankt Petersburg, Russia, will make you feel like you're in your very own comic book.

The 2D dimension cafe has gone viral on Instagram, and we're pretty sure you can see why.

The black and white walls, curtains, floors, and furniture, all come with without a sense of depth that truly will leave the mind boggled.

Every detail of the shop is thought out to make it look like the whole place came from a traditional sketchbook.

Despite this, the treats on offer at the establishment are luckily very much real.

The coffee shop offers fresh ground-roasted coffee, from americano to lattes and even mochaccino’s.

You can also sample the cafe's delicious dessert menu, which is full of various croissants, muffins, and cakes.

Talking about the coffee shop, Solbon, the creator and owner of the café, told Bored Panda: “The decision to open a coffee shop in an interesting format came in the fall of 2019.

"In the initial stage, there were only 350,000 rubles.

"Of course, it was impossible to seriously count on opening a complete café for such a price, considering a rent of 100,000 a month in a more or less passable location.”

"The idea came up to create a place that would be interesting mainly due to its interior (of course, with a good coffee). The renovation took just over a month, and around100 kg of paint was used up."

Locals and tourists now love the venue, with many taking unique photos there.

People are also vying to work at the coffee shop, with some employees waiting months for vacancies to open up.

It's certainly a bit more jazzy than your average Costa or Starbucks, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, if you are planning a trip abroad, you may want to make use of these clever travel hacks shared by flight attendants.

Flight attendants like TikTok star Kat Kamalani have been spilling the beans on how to get freebies from airlines, including air miles and drinks.

In a TikTok video uploaded on her @katkamalani page, Kat says it is possible to blag freebies if something goes wrong on your flight, but it only works for nice people.

She says: "Want to know how to get free drinks and miles? Well I'm, a flight attendant and I'm about to tell you!"

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"If something is broken. Tell your flight attendant, but make sure you are polite about it."

But there's an exception and Kat says: "If you are mean and rude we are not going to give you a free drink."

She also says you can get free air miles if your flight is delayed or cancelled you can get free air miles from customer services, though it's probably a good idea to check your airline's policy beforehand.

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