Van conversion: Expert tips to find the perfect vehicle – ‘genuinely brilliant’

Van converters give their top tips for living in a van

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Whether to live in full time or simply to use as a holiday vehicle, vans have become extremely popular with Britons. But where should Britons start on their van conversion project?

Van projects and conversions searches jumped 120 percent just this month.

Many Britons are looking for a van as an alternative holiday option.

Dominic Hickman, MD at We Buy Broken Vans said: “Van Life has been gaining popularity over the past 18 months – and for good reason.

“Although international travel is opening back up, more and more people are turning to Van Life as the perfect staycation idea.

“It also offers a completely new way to live and gives people the chance to really get out there and explore.

“It’s genuinely brilliant to see old vans that would normally be written off for scrap being turned into something stunning.”

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Dominic also shared some of his top tips when looking for the perfect van conversion project.

The first place to start is of course budget.

Dominic said: “Deciding on your budget is the absolute first thing you need to start a project.

“Remember, buying/financing and the build itself is just the start – you need to factor in the overall cost of upkeep when you hit important replacement milestones. And what about break downs?

“Keeping a rainy day fund aside for those sudden and unexpected repairs is essential. Make sure you factor all of this in when you set up your initial budget, and your upkeep costs when you’re out on the road.”

Before taking the plunge and splurging on a vehicle, Britons should consider the make and model of their purchase, as well as its height.

Dominic said: “The make and model you decide on can have a big impact on the quality of your space.

“Different vans have different interior standing heights which can change depending on your conversion goals.

“Adding essential components like flooring and insulation will affect high clearance, and things like bedding and storage can also have an impact.

“As a result, keep height in mind when looking for the perfect van for your conversion.”

Every expert Britons speak to will tell them the same thing: they should know how they’ll use their vehicle before even starting the conversion.

Dominic had a handy list of questions would be van owners should ask themselves: “What is your van going to be used for? Do you want to live in it part-time or full time? And where is it going to go? Can it handle winding roads in Wales and steep hills in Scotland?

“These kinds of questions can have a huge impact on everything including your make and model choice and final build plans.

“Figure out your ‘why’ and that will help you decide which van is best for you.”

Last but not least, a van conversion project is a big undertaking.

Britons should consider what they want from their vans in the long run.

Dominic said: “Lifespan is always important when you’re buying any vehicle, and it can really pay off to think ahead. How old is the van already? How long do you plan on using it for?

“And what about upgrading? Would you sell your van in future to fund a new project? Do you plan to sell it at some point?

“With the boom in staycations, resale values on conversion are in high demand so taking care of your van can really pay off in the long run.”

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