‘Very unknown’ British expat in Tenerife shares Spain holiday tips – ‘most beautiful’

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Helen Licandro moved to Tenerife in Spain after meeting her husband, Juan, there. The couple have their own wedding planning business, Licandro Weddings, based on the island.

Helen shared her top Tenerife tips for British tourists with Express.co.uk including where the most beautiful beaches are.

She said: “For guaranteed good weather in winter, the south of Tenerife is best. So the south is more touristy for that reason.

“It never really drops below like 19 or 20 in the south during the day. Even in January it’s about 20 to 23 so if you’re on holiday, it’s warm enough to go to the beach.

“If it drops below 23, we will get jumpers and boots on, but if you’re coming from the UK the weather difference will be quite extreme!”

She added: “There is so much more to Tenerife than what people see in the tourist areas.

“The south of the island is much more volcanic looking .It’s much drier whereas the north of the island is really green.

“In the northeast we’ve got forests, it’s much more mountainous and much much greener.

“So the island looks completely different depending on where you are.”

The majority of British tourists head to Tenerife for sun, sand and sea and Helen gave her tips for the best beaches.

She told Express.co.uk: “There’s some beaches that are very unknown. They’re a little bit harder to get to but definitely worth a visit.

“There’s a beach in the north of the island called Playa Benijo which is beautiful, it’s where the volcano originally erupted and made a little extra offshoot.

“It looks very Icelandic, with bits of volcanic rock sticking out of the sea and it’s a really really beautiful beach.

“Then in the south of the island, there’s Playa de la Teresitas which is a man made beach right at the end of the city which is quite cosmopolitan. It looks very Caribbean with lots of palm trees on it.”

As a volcanic island, Tenerife naturally has black sand beaches, however there are a few beautiful man made beaches with golden sand.

Food is a holiday highlight for most British tourists and Helen shared her tips to find a delicious meal in Tenerife.

She said: “If you want traditional Canarian food you need to go outside the town centre.

“I would say go to a mountain town. Canarian food is always huge bits of meat with potatoes but it’s really good too although carbohydrate heavy.

“Then there’s La Caleta which used to be a fishing village back in the day and it has some great fish restaurants because obviously it’s right on the coast.”

As a wedding planner, Helen regularly meets couples who have fallen in love with Tenerife and its culture.

She told Express.co.uk: “It’s not just about beaches here. At the moment Tenerife is super popular with digital nomads working online here.

“We’ve had a few digital nomad couples who moved here during the pandemic. And now they love it and they want to get married here.”

Licandro Weddings plan destination weddings with the wow factor at affordable prices.

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