Winter holidays: Christmas camping needs ‘preparation’ but absolute ‘bargain break’

Dame Helen Mirren reminisces on camping with Liam Neeson

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Camping may be a popular summer holiday option, but it’s not at the top of the list for most over the winter holidays. While some camping sites are open year round, the prospect of the cold and wet may stop Britons from even considering winter camping.

On social media, when one user asked fellow campers who else was camping this Christmas, he was inundated by replies.

While Joan Griffin was not camping this Christmas, she said: “We camped over Christmas a few years ago in a tent as we don’t use EHU. I brought a tiny real tree in a pot with decorations on it and crackers for Christmas Day.”

Tim Jeffcock said: “Have camped over Christmas and New Year. A small cotton tent like a Vango force ten classic stays warmer than a tent the size of a barn or a nylon tent. Near a pub to stay warm in the evening.”

Christmas, however, was not the most popular time to go camping.

Many Britons replied they were heading out for New Year.

For Britons wanting to give winter camping a go, Dan Yates, founder and MD of Pitchup has some tips.

Dan said: “Camping in winter does require a bit more preparation than sleeping under canvas in summer, but it has a lot of advantages too.”

One of the best things about winter camping is the price.

“Prices are generally much lower during the low season, making it easier to bag a bargain break in winter.”

There’s also the fact camping Britons will probably have the whole place to themselves.

Whether on the coast or in national parks, most holidaymakers braving the elements for an outdoorsy holiday in winter will find peace and quiet.

The most important thing to think about during a winter camping trip is how to keep warm.

Dan recommended a four-season tent, a few extra blankets, a good sleeping bag and a sleeping mat.

A hot water bottle may also be welcome, and so are plenty of layers, as well as hats, gloves and scarves.

As tempting as it is for campers to sleep in all their clothes, this is not recommended.

Dan said: “You should be comfortably warm rather than hot.”

Holidaymakers should also shake out their sleeping bags before jumping in and keep their nose and mouth outside to avoid turning condensation.’s campers also shared some tips to make the most of a winter holiday under canvas.

Finding a sheltered spot on the campsite was a must, with bushes, fences and buildings ideal wind breakers.

They said: “If it’s really cold, turn your water bottles and gas canisters upside down.

“Ice turns liquids to solids from the top down, so by flipping over bottles of liquified gas and other fluids you’re making sure that nozzles and bottle caps remain ice-free, ready to be used when you need them.”

And of course, “eat, drink and be merry”.

Not only was it the most appropriate advice for the season, it also had a practical element.

“This is not the time for diets or sensible eating – your body needs energy, and lots of it!”

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