Woman catches ‘weirdo’ taking photos of her feet on plane during flight

A woman shared her gruesome flight experience online after catching a fellow plane passenger "taking pictures of her feet" – without her permission.

Alina, 23, branded the bloke a "weirdo" on TikTok after taking a Delta Airlines flight from Florida.

She turned to her followers asking: "What the f*** am I supposed to say?"

The short video appears to show the man turning his phone camera towards Alina and pointing it downwards, before clicking the shutter to snap a picture of her feet.

He then appears to review the photo while sitting right next to Alina.

"I posted this video because I thought it was funny. I do have shoes on and no, I don't know they guy," she explained in the comments.

Viewers shared their thoughts to Alina – and most of them agreed that she should have "charged him" for taking the photos.

"Just say, 'that'll be $450'," a viewer joked and a second said: "I would have been like 'excuse me sir, you need to pay for that'."

Others blasted the man's audacity, with one saying: "The fact that he even looked at the picture in front of you after."

Another suggested: "I'd call over an attendant and loudly be like 'Hey! This guy keeps taking pictures of my feet, can I have a different seat please?'"

Alina then uploaded a second video showing the man – and he appeared to be editing the photo right in front of her.

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People were raging on Alina's behalf – and said she should have confronted him at that moment.

"Oh my, man took a picture, edited it right next to you and you still said nothing?!" one asked.

"Girl you got ripped off, you could of easily made 100 bucks there," a second commented.

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