Woman films holidaymakers’ frenzied sprint for hotel sun beds at 9am

A woman shared a video on TikTok showing the bizarre moment a large group of tourists were set loose on the swimming pool area at a resort.

Svetlana, who has almost 1000 followers on the video sharing site, @svetlana14099, garnered over 2.4million views on the viral clip.

Captioning that the scenes were in Palma de Mallorca – a popular resort area with British holidaymakers – she showed a number of adults sprinting through the bar area.

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They headed quickly towards the swimming pool where many threw their bags and towels down onto the nearest lounger they could get to, reports the Sun.

The video showed the tourists slamming themselves down in the seats to reserve them in a frenzied rush.

More people followed behind the first onslaught, jogging to get to the sun beds further away from the entrance while carrying lilos, towels and pool toys.

Some holidaymakers walked towards the pool, but quickly began to walk at a faster pace when they noted how many beds were taken.

Others hovered by the bar looking irritated or plonked their beach towels down on the upright seats under the umbrellas.

Svetlana pointed out that it was 9am on the sunny Spanish island as the holiday goers bagged their seats.

Over 28,000 viewers liked the video with 9000 commenting on the situation.

In the comments, people mocked the sprinting tourists while others claimed it put them off their holidays.

One person wrote: “This makes me not want to go on holiday,” while another added: “My idea of hell.”

But, others thought the hotel was at fault.

One commenter said: “I think it should be the hotel’s responsibility to have one sun bed for every paying customer.”

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A second wrote: “The problem isn't the tourists but the place with too many rooms and not enough places at the pool…”

Many argued that the running holidaymakers were “German, British or Russian”.

Another laughed: “Do they know that there are a kind of beaches there?”

Do you think it's the hotel's responsibility to end sunbed wars? Let us know in the comments below.


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