Woman slaps passenger’s phone off him as ‘trashy’ family removed from flight

A woman has slapped a passenger's phone off his hand when she and her family were getting removed from a plane.

Video shared on Reddit shows the chaotic scenes in the aisle of an United Airlines plane as cabin crew stay at the back to assist a woman, a teen girl and a small child to disembark the aircraft.

The woman in black T-shirt and green cap is seen yelling at other passengers as she gathered her belongings from the overhead cabin.

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A man, who is filming the incident, yells at them: "Get off the plane!"

Other passengers remain in their seats and wait for the staff to escort the trio.

As they head out, the young woman in blue hoodie slaps the cameraman's phone off his hands and gives him a middle finger as they walk out.

She said: "The f*** you filming? Shut up b*tch."

The man replied: "Oooh. Don't talk to me like that. I've got it on video."

A man in high-vis jacket come up to them and ask them to carry on walking.

The passenger later posted the clip on Reddit and said: "Trashy family gets kicked off the plane.

"Proceeds to slap me on the way out. Me and seven of my friends missed our connection flight because of this nonsense.

"[I had] no clue [what started the fight] but they were alright fighting each other in front of everyone before even boarding the plane."

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Viewers shared their thoughts in the comments, with some sarcastically congratulating the family to be on a "no fly list".

"Garbage human, the ego it must take to sit and argue like that with a bunch of strangers who you will likely never see again," one wrote.

Another said: "Congratulations on never being able to fly again… I’m sure this wasn’t your fault."

A spokesperson for United Airlines told Daily Star: "United flight 1786 from Los Angeles to Cleveland returned to the gate due to a passenger disturbance.

"Law enforcement officers met the aircraft at the gate and the flight safely departed after a 55-minute delay."


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