Woman stays at Travelodge during Masters as it’s cheaper than uni accommodation

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A woman has revealed that she stayed at hotels for 32 weeks during her Masters degree – because it was cheaper than university accommodation.

Student Ester has taken to TikTok to share her money saving method that saw her live in a selection of budget hotels during her studies.

Instead of forking out money to stay in student halls, she decided to stay once a week at a hotel when she needed to travel up to Leicester from London for university.

In the clip that has racked up 314,000 views, Ester explained why she stays in hotels – and revealed how much it cost her.

She said: “I decided to stay in hotels for my Masters year.

“I usually stay at Travelodge, this is my first time trying Premier Inn.”

Ester filmed the bargain hotel room she managed to bag, along with all the usual amenities.

The student declared: “I’d give Premier inn an 8/10, all my Travelodge rooms have been bigger, and the staff are friendlier (but maybe that’s just because by week five they were used to seeing me lol).

In a follow up clip, Ester broke down the costs for her one night away that worked out cheaper compared to university accommodation.

She shared: “I stayed at Travelodge once a week for almost 32 weeks straight, [it] worked out cheaper than accommodation.

“£44 for the room, if you book it the week before, £10-£20 on food a day, £15-£20 on a return ticket by coach or sometimes train.”

Ester then included an array of glam selfies she had taken while staying in the hotel rooms over the 32 weeks.

She noted: “I did not use a single discount code (no Travelodge discount on Unidays) and food and travel not included. But even with both, costs less than paying rent to an accommodation and buying my own food.”

Stunned by the student’s mission to save cash, many people fled to the comments to share their thoughts.

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One person commented: “This is giving beauty and brains.”

Another user added: “I did the same I saved so much.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “The uni’s BEEN ripping people off.”

Someone else said: “And they also clean ur + supplies like soap, shampoo, toilet paper.”

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