Woman’s travel hacks make flying in economy comfier – and you don’t need upgrade

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Can't afford to fly business class? Don't fret.

A plane passenger has revealed how to upgrade your in-flight experience while travelling in economy class.

The TikToker, known as Wendy, showed how putting in some extra effort can make long haul flights run a lot more smoothly.

"Always come prepared when you travel on long flights," she wrote in a TikTok video. "Makes a difference!"

First she hooks a suspender "foot rest" over her food tray and adjusts the height.

This gives her just enough room to swing her feet around, which can stop your legs from going dead during flights.

Then, she pulls up an inflatable travel pillow and places it on the tray.

Wendy puts her arms through the hole in the middle and rests her face over the top, making it easier to nap.

While some people said the tips were genius, others pointed out that it's not hygienic to take your shoes off on the plane.

One said: "It should be a war crime to take your shoes off on public transport."

Another wrote: "I can smell the cheese through the phone. I’m moving seats if I’ve got to sit next to that."

"Put some socks on and have some respect for other travellers," a third added.

One viewer, who claimed they worked as a flight attendant, chimed in: "I worked a flight where someone actually broke the tray table with that pillow accessory she’s using."

But others found the foot sling a great idea to have when flying – saying it's good for people who suffer from swelling.

One preferred the travel pillow, adding: "Love this! I always lean forward and sleep against the seat – this is so much better."

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